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This auto lease calculator can help estimate the monthly lease payment amount based on the auto price, down payment, interest rate, etc. Often, the dealer will negotiate the monthly payment amount with you only. The reverse car lease calculator can help you figure out the real price of the car based on the monthly payment number.

While auto leasing brings the benefit of driving a good car with lower upfront cost and lower monthly payment, the real cost of leasing a car is normally more expense than buying. The "total cost to own" difference between lease and buy given by the calculator above may not be very big due to the assumption that all conditions are the same. However, in real life, conditions are normally less favorable to consumer for car leases. For example, auto lease will have some extra cost items, such as acquisition fee, security deposit, and disposition fee. In addition, the interest rate is normally higher for car leasing. Adding together, it can cost a few thousands more to lease verse buy.