Business Loan Calculator

There are hundreds of business loans in different forms. Most business loans require monthly payments to pay back, such as SBA Loan, equipment financing, etc. Some require weekly, daily, interest only payments, or simply pay back when the loans mature. Beside interest, many lenders, especially small business loan lenders, also ask for origination fee, documentation fee, closing fee, etc. These fees make the actual cost/rate of the loans higher than the interest rate given by the lenders. The business loan calculator below can deal with all of these situations and can give out the real cost/rate of the loan with fees included.

Loan Amount 
Interest Rate%
Loan Term year month
Pay Back
Origination Fee%
Documentation Fee 
Other Fee 

$212.47 Per Month

Total of 60 Loan Payments$12,748.23
Interest + Fee$3,998.23
Real Rate (APR)15.931%

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