Golf Handicap Calculator

A handicap index is a number that measures the potential playing ability of a golfer based on the tees played in the past. This will allow players of different ability to play together. The higher the handicap index of a player, the poorer the player's playing ability. Use the following tool to calculate the handicap index of a player. Please provide data of 5 courses at least.

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What is a Golf Handicap?

The notion of a handicap in golf comes from the idea of giving up strokes. A strong player allows a weaker player a 'handicap,' extra strokes subtracted from his or her score, to make the weaker player more competitive. The stronger player does this to make the game more sporting, in theory; in practice, it's a means to encourage betting.

A handicap in golf is determined by handing in your scores at the course where you normally play. Your handicap at any one time is 96 percent of the average of the best 10 of your previous 20 scores.

The term handicapping originated in horse racing; a jockey was handed his odds for the race in a cap (hand-in-cap). But the concept existed long before the term was coined. Almost from the beginning of the sport of golf, the act of allowing strokes in golf was called "assigning the odds," and this task was assumed by a group of administrators, the precursors of the modern Handicap Committee, which was called the "adjustor of the odds."

At the first golf clubs, betting on matches naturally led to creating odds; these bets and odds were carefully entered in each club's bet books.

Mid-19th Century professional golfers like Allan Robertson often derived a significant portion of their incomes through wagering on golf. The concept of giving strokes allowed Robertson to set up matches with golfers who weren't at his level.

What are scratch and bogey golfers?

They seem like hilarious classifications, but these labels are vital for discerning where your handicap falls in terms of skill.

A scratch golfer is someone whose handicap is at zero, therefore meaning the individual has a higher skill level. A bogey golfer is someone who is at a handicap of 18, thus at a lower level of skill.

Course Handicap

Whenever you play, your golf handicap gets converted to a course handicap, which allows for difficulty of the course and tees played. In that round, it will represent the number of strokes you will receive. It will be deducted from the gross score to determine the net score.