Margin Calculator

Profit Margin Calculator

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Sale Revenue
Gross Margin


Gross Margin:50.00%
Gross Profit:$100.00
Mark Up:100.00%

Cost: The cost of the product.
Mark Up: The percentage of profit v.s. cost.
Selling Revenue: The revenue generate by selling the product.
Gross Margin: The percentage gross profit of the product v.s. revenue.
Gross Profit: The money amount gross profit of the product.

Stock Trading Margin Calculator

Stock Price
Number of Shares
Margin Rate


Amount Required: $549.00

Stock Price: The per share stock price.
Number of Shares: The amount of share you want to purchase.
Margin Rate: The percentage required by the broker to make the margin purchase.
Amount Required: The minimum amount required in your account to purchase.

Currency Exchange Margin Calculator

Exchange Rate
Margin Ratio


Amount Required: 6.500

Exchange Rate: The exchange rate of the currency to purchase in your home currency. For example, if you plan to purchase 100 EUR and your home currency is USD. In the currency market, 1 EUR = 1.22 USD, then the exchange rate is: 1.22.
Margin Ratio: The ratio of margin to use.
Units: The amount of currency to purchase.
Amount Required: The amount required in your home currency to make the purchase.