Marriage Calculator

Marriage will have significant financial consequences to the participant individuals. The following marriage tax calculator can help estimating the financial impact of marriage in terms of federal income tax. This calculator is only meaningful for the marriage of people who lives in the United States. This calculator is based on the 2015 tax brackets.

  Person 1 (Husband) Person 2 (Wife)
Salary+Business Income $ $
Interest+Dividends Income $ $
Rental, Royalty, Passive Income $ $
Short Term Capital Gain $ $
Long Term Capital Gain $ $
Qualified Dividends $ $
401K, IRA... Savings $ $
File Status (Before Marriage)
No. of Dependents
Mortgage Interest
Charitable Donations
Student Loan Interest, $2,500 Max
Child Care Expenses, $3,000 Max
Education Tuition, $4,000 Max
Use Standard Deduction?

Total Deductions:
Use Standard Deduction?

Total Deductions:
State+City Tax Rate % %