Rent vs. Buy Calculator

The calculator below helps evaluating if buying or renting a home makes more financial sense for residents in the United States. It can also help estimate the real cost of buying or renting a home. The results given by this calculator or any similar calculators are estimation based on many financial assumptions. The actual results will be slightly different. We try to include as many factors as possible to make the results accurate.

Home Purchase
Home Price
Down Payment
Interest Rate
Loan Termyears
Buying Closing Costs
Property Tax / year
Property Tax Increase / year
Home Insurance / year
HOA Fee / year
Maintenance Cost / year
Home Value Appreciation / year
Cost/Insurance Increase / year
Selling Closing Costs
Home Rent
Monthly Rental Fee
Rental Fee Increase / year
Renter's Insurance / month
Security Deposit 
Upfront Cost 

Your Information
Average Investment Return
Marginal Federal Tax Rate
Marginal State Tax Rate
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Buying is cheaper if you stay for 4.3 years or longer. Otherwise, renting is cheapter.

The following is the average cost based on the length you stay for the next 30 years.

Staying LengthAverage Buying CostAverage Renting Cost
1 Year$5,157$61,886$2,086$25,032
2 Years$3,251$39,008$2,154$25,849
3 Years$2,646$31,748$2,226$26,711
4 Years$2,367$28,407$2,301$27,607
5 Years$2,220$26,645$2,378$28,535
6 Years$2,140$25,683$2,458$29,496
7 Years$2,099$25,188$2,541$30,489
8 Years$2,083$24,992$2,626$31,517
9 Years$2,084$25,004$2,715$32,579
10 Years$2,097$25,169$2,806$33,678
11 Years$2,121$25,452$2,901$34,814
12 Years$2,153$25,831$2,999$35,989
13 Years$2,191$26,289$3,100$37,203
14 Years$2,235$26,816$3,205$38,459
15 Years$2,284$27,404$3,313$39,758
16 Years$2,337$28,049$3,425$41,100
17 Years$2,395$28,745$3,541$42,489
18 Years$2,458$29,490$3,660$43,924
19 Years$2,524$30,282$3,784$45,408
20 Years$2,593$31,120$3,912$46,943
21 Years$2,667$32,003$4,044$48,530
22 Years$2,744$32,931$4,181$50,170
23 Years$2,825$33,902$4,322$51,867
24 Years$2,910$34,919$4,468$53,621
25 Years$2,998$35,979$4,620$55,434
26 Years$3,090$37,086$4,776$57,310
27 Years$3,186$38,238$4,937$59,249
28 Years$3,286$39,437$5,104$61,253
29 Years$3,390$40,684$5,277$63,327
30 Years$3,450$41,396$5,456$65,470

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Buying a home is probably the most important financial decision in many people's life. However, buying a home may not always be the best financial decisions. Use the calculator above to evaluate if buying makes more financial sense. Overall the following are the major impacting factors:

Beside the financial considerations, there are many other factors to consider. For example, buyers normally have to spend more time on maintaining a house than renters. On the other hand, many people enjoy the feeling of owning their own homes. Therefore, owning a home is more mentally satisfying.