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Use the following tools to estimate the area and the materials needed for the root. The "House Base Area" is the area of the land the house covers. When measuring, be sure to include the eaves covered areas. Our area calculator can be used to estimate the area coverage of the house. If the house is irregular in shape, you can divide the house covered area into a few simple shapes and add their area together. The roof pitch defines the steepness of the root. It can be measured or can be estimated via by comparing your roof with our images.

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The area we give out is estimation only. If the roof of your house has complex shape like the one in the right, the most accurate way is to measure all the dimensions and add the areas of all surfaces. You can use our area calculator to calculate the area of each surface. The most common roof materials in the United States are shingles, membrane roofing, ceramic tile, etc. Typically shingle roofs have a life expectancy of 15 to 30 year. Membrane roofing normally can last 5-15 years. Ceramic tile roof is expensive, yet it has a life of more than 100 years.

Roof Pitch

By definition, the roof pitch is the vertical rise divided by the horizontal span.

Typical Slope Correction Factors:

PitchAngleMultiply By      PitchAngleMultiply By
1/124.8°1.003 2/129.5°1.014
3/1214.0°1.031 4/1218.4°1.054
5/1222.6°1.083 6/1226.6°1.118
7/1230.3°1.158 8/1233.7°1.202
9/1236.9°1.250 10/1239.8°1.302
11/1242.5°1.357 12/1245.0°1.414
13/1247.3°1.474 14/1249.4°1.537
15/1251.3°1.601 16/1253.1°1.667
17/1254.8°1.734 18/1256.3°1.803
19/1257.7°1.873 20/1259.0°1.944
21/1260.3°2.016 22/1261.4°2.088
23/1262.4°2.162 24/1263.4°2.236