Sample Size Calculator

This calculator gives out the number of sampling/observation needed for a measurement based on the requirements.

Find Out Sample Size


You will need to measure 385 or more samples.

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Confidence Interval: %
Population Size: Leave blank if unlimited population size.

Find Out Confidence Interval

Confidence Level:  
Sample Size:  
Percentage: %
Population Size: Leave blank if unlimited population size.

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Confidence Interval: In statistics, a confidence interval is a particular kind of interval estimate of a population parameter. Instead of estimating the parameter by a single value, an interval likely to include the parameter is given. e.g. 40±2 or 40±5%.

Confidence Level: Also called confidence coefficient, Confidence level represent the possibility that the confidence interval is to contain the parameter. e.g. 95% confidence level.

Population Size: In statistics, population is the entire entities concerning which statistical inferences are to be drawn. The population size is the total number of the entire entities.

Percentage: The percentage of a particular answer was chosen.