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The following is a list of volume calculators for several common shapes. Please fill the corresponding fields and click the "Calculate" button to use.

Ball Volume Calculator

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Cone Volume Calculator

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Cube Volume Calculator

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Cylindrical Tank Volume Calculator

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Rectangular Tank Volume Calculator

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Capsule Volume Calculator

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Cap Volume Calculator

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Ball Radius (r2)
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Conical Frustum Volume Calculator

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Bottom Radius (r1)
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Ellipsoid Volume Calculator

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Axis 2 (b)
Axis 3 (c)

Square Pyramid Volume Calculator

Base Edge (a)
Height (h)

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Volume is the three-dimensional space a substance occupies. Volumes of many simple shapes can be calculated by using simple formulas. More complicated shapes sometimes can be cut into simple shapes and add the volumes up for the total. Some other complicated shapes can be calculated by integral calculus if a formula exists for the shape's boundary. The volume of even more complicated shapes can be estimated with mathematical methods, such as finite element method. If the density is uniform, the volume of a substance can be calculated from the weight. This volume calculator provides solutions for some of the most common simple shapes.

Volume Formulas of Simple Shapes







Ball Cap

Conical Frustum


Square Pyramid

Any Pyramid

Common Volume Units

Unitcubic meters milliliters
milliliter (cubic centimeter)0.0000011
cubic inch0.0000163916.39
cubic foot0.02831728,317
cubic yard0.764555764,555
cubic meter11,000,000
cubic kilometer1,000,000,0001015