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Use this time zone calculator to convert a time in one time zone to another. If you do not know the time zone of your desired location, please click here to find out.

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A time zone is a region on Earth that has uniform time; such region is usually bounded along the lines of longitude. Time zones are based on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), which is the time zone at the longitude of 0°. The time of the other main time zones are computed by applying an offset from the GMT. They are normally represented by the leading "UTC" and the offset, such as UTC-5, UTC+8, etc.

Many countries or regions, especially those in Europe and North American, adopted daylight saving time (DST or "Summer Time") aiming to save energy. This typically involves the advancing of clocks for one hour in early spring and rolling back in autumn.

The following is the standard time zones map of the world. Please click for the large version.

* note: This time zone calculator doesn't consider the daylight saving time used by many countries.