Protein Calculator

Proteins are one of the building blocks of human body. They are the essential nutrients for human. Most adults in the developed countries get more than enough protein for their body needs.

The Protein Calculator estimates the amount of protein healthy adults will need each day. Normally, children, very physically active person, pregnant and nursing women need more protein. People with kidney disease, liver disease, or diabetes will need to watch the protein intake closely.

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Amount of Protein Human Body Needs

The amount of protein needed daily by human body relies on many conditions. Normally it is estimated based on the body weight (0.8-1.8 gram/kg of body weight), or as a percentage of Total Calories intake (10%-35%), or simply based on age. The age based recommended dietary allowances (RDA) are listed below.

 Protein Needed (Gram/Day)
Age 1 - 313
Age 4 - 819
Age 9 - 1334
Age 14 - 18 (Grils)46
Age 14 - 18 (Boys)52
Age 19 - 70+ (Women)46
Age 19 - 70+ (Men)56

Type of Protein

Proteins are made up of amino acids. There are a total of 20 different amino acids. Some of the amino acids can't be made by human body; they are called essential amino acids. It is important that we take enough and balanced essential amino acids.

The foods that provide all of the essential amino acids are called complete protein sources. Animal-based protein source normally are complete protein sources, such as meat, fish, poultry, egg, milk, etc.

Most non-animal based protein source are incomplete. They may low in one or more of the essential amino acids. However, eating different incomplete protein sources together can also provide sufficient protein needs for human body.

Amount of Protein in Common Food

 Protein Amount
Milk (1 cup/8 oz)8 g
Egg (1 large/50 g)6 g
Meat (1 slice / 2 oz)14 g
Seafood (2 oz)16 g
Bread (1 slice/64 g)8 g
Corn (1 cup/166 g)16 g
Rice (1 cup/195 g)5 g
Dry Bean (1 cup/92 g)16 g
Nuts (1 cup/92 g)20 g
Fruits and Vegetables (1 cup)0-1 g
Pizza (1 slice/107 g)12 g
Hamburger (McDonald Medium)20 g